Technical Issues

I’m trying to name a zapp and it won’t save?

Please use one word or if you wish to use two or more please use under_score to name your file.  This is to do with how the URL is set up on the zapp and needs to be one word.

I can’t swipe between pages?

Due to the nature of mouse functions and swipe it’s difficult to simulate this on a PC.  To avoid this issue please hold down mouse briefly and gently move the mouse quickly in a sharp move to left or right. (You can also use the navigation dots at the bottom of the page)

I can’t see the white navigation dots at the bottom of the page? How can I change pages?

This is a design fault which we hope to rectify soon.  The colour of your chosen background can sometimes be very similar to the colour of the buttons.  We are working to correct this issue ASAP.

My QR code won’t scan?

If you have changed the colour of the QR code you may need to go back to the editor and adjust the colour contrast of the background and foreground –  QR Codes work best with a strong foreground and a lighter background.

If this doesn’t apply to you then we suggest you update your QR code reader app from the app store.

If you are still having difficulties then please contact Ziggi at and a member of our staff will be with you within 48 hours.

My zapp’s performance is sluggish?

Check the size of the images you are using.  Large background images and lots of image based content will lead to a slower experience for the customer.  This is due to the nature of 3G internet on mobiles and the ability of the mobile browsers which are usually inferior to PC’s.  Try using “tile” backgrounds, these are small images which can be seamlessly tied together automatically by zapplab, just add one small tile and zapplab will do the rest when you press on the preview button!

I can’t slide open the slider on the iPhone simulator to get to my Zapps?

Please ensure you are using Google Chrome or Safari Browsers.  Zapplab only fully works on these 2 browsers.  We are working on other platforms which we hope to announce shortly.

You cannot use a touch screen device such as an iPad or Android Tablet to build zapps on zapplab.  We hope to correct this soon.


The map is blank when I want to create a new contact?

The map is in default mode until you start typing your address.  Only official accurate addresses are recognised by Google Maps.  We hope to introduce a “Drop-Pin” service in the near future.

If you have any other queries/issues please do not hesitate to contact us – or leave a comment below.

We value your feedback!

Happy zappin’


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