Understanding the “Looking Down” Generation

newsite3Customers are bombarded by advertising everywhere they go, billboards, car radio, bus shelters.  When they get home they are bombarded by TV, radio and magazines.  However, more and more people are looking away from traditional advertising methods and and are focusing on the self.  The surroundings around people are a blur and the focus is on smartphones.  Advertising billboards are just more blurry images we pass by without noticing that is why traditional advertising methods are being replaced by mobile advertising.  Even the power of television advertising is slipping, as viewers heads dip down to mobile phones and tablets during adverts.  So, still think mobile marketing isn’t for you yet?  Think again.  Mobile is not a passing craze or a novelty but has become an essential part of our working and social lives.  What can businesses do to get mobile ready?  Firstly make sure your website is mobile optimized.  This does not mean making a miniature version of your existing site but designing for mobiles first or separately.  Mobile browsing is completely different to desktop as the user interaction changes from click to touch and screen sizes shrink, so the “About Us” section is less important on mobiles and the map and contact details are extremely important.

Here are a few tips:

1. Use all of your available screen. Some screens like the iPhone 4 are roughly the size of a business card so keep that in mind. How much info can you put on a business card?

2. Keep text to a minimum. Make your message short and snappy and your font clean and large.  A rule of thumb for mobile design is if you can read it at arms length.

3. Images above anything else.  Customers are far more responsive to images than text.

4. Call to Action.  Mobile marketing is all about call to action, so be sure to have a click to call button or click to email button on your site and not just a typed version.  People on mobiles are far more impulsive so keep it simple for them to react.

With these simple rules you can really make your business mobile.  Please contact us at zapplab for an informal chat;-)


The power of 4 – Mobile Marketing


No-matter how smart technology becomes, marketing remains the same.

You have got to get your message across fast and impact your customers….we believe the essential information consists of  the 4 main elements of communication: Who? What? When? Where? zapplab.net utilises the power of these 4 elements.

zapplab’s 4 steps to mobile marketing

1. Make sure the experience is mobile optimised!

This may seem a little obvious but a lot of QR codes lead directly to normal websites. This results in a far from smooth experience for the user. The “pinching” and trying to hit tiny buttons on a mobile device  makes the experience frustrating and you will loose your customers in seconds.

Remember –  you don’t scan QR codes with a PC!  

2. Make it relevant.

You have only between 20-40 seconds to grab your customers attention. If they have made the effort to follow your link  – provide the information they are looking for – browsers want the relevant information NOW.

3. Entice them further

Now that you have their attention, make an impact – offer them a visual treat as well as complimentary product or service.  Create leads to further sales.

4. Include contact information and share buttons.

People on mobile devices are on the move  – with your contact details at the touch of a button –  a map from their current location or a telephone number – they are more likely to find you!  People like sharing – a simple share button is essential.

If you remember these 4 points your mobile marketing campaigns will be more successful.

zapplab.net can implement these within minutes….