Why Should Marketers Care About Mobile Marketing?

ImageForbes recently ran a story on why marketers should care about mobile marketing, which made some excellent points that we will summarise here.  Mobile marketing is so important because it is the most personal technical device around and is something we enjoy on a personal level.  We are also never far away from our mobiles.  For most of the day (and night), mobiles are literally within arms reach.  We check them regularly for updates and for many it is the last thing they check before going to sleep and the first thing they check when waking up. When we leave the house we check for 3 things: Keys. wallet and phone.  How far have you turned back to pick up a forgotten phone?  People even arrive late for work to retrieve forgotten mobiles.

These devices control our lives and marketers need to start seeing them as serious avenues of marketing and not just tech gimmicks.  For years, zapplab has researched consumer relations with mobile devices and we have seen an incredible growth in use over the past 5 years since the release of smartphones.  But unlike traditional marketing, old traditions will not work on mobiles because they are so personal to the user.  Spam, junk and random scatter gun marketing approaches are gone.  So to is long winded copy and pages of info.  Keep it short and keep it snappy and visual. Zapplab recently released the 4 page app for businesses.  This product takes the essential information sought by customers on the move; who, what, when and where, and delivers it in a bite size mobile web-app that gets your message across in the 10 to 30 seconds customers will spend on browsing. 

The message is clear: all Marketers need to go mobile and get their clients into the hands of their customers before competitors do.  The full article by Kimberly Whitler is available here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kimberlywhitler/2013/04/25/why-should-marketers-care-about-mobile-marketing/


Wishing you a very zappy Christmas!


We all know the Stats  –

  • By 2013more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online (Gartner)
  •  The number of mobile devices is set to more than double in the next few years and by 2016one billion people will own smartphones!!
  • Businesses need to think big about how to use mobile products to engage with customers.(Forrester).

The numbers speak for themselves and the Christmas market boosts these figures!

Will 2013 be the year your business goes mobile? It doesn’t have to be so complicated or pricey!

Remember, mobile users are looking for specific information – they do not intend on browsing your site for hours. Respond quickly with a  “zapp”  – a mobile marketing app that you have complete autonomy over, both in design and content!

Express yourself and your web presence with this slick web-app building tool!

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Grab those Christmas shoppers’ attention by following our simple festive guide to Mobile Marketing:

C is for those browsing Christmas Customers – your dream customers. At no other time of the year is your target market quite so alert and on the hunt for a good bargain, help them cross a few things off that list!

H is for HTML5.  zapplab uses the latest in HTML5 and other leading cloud technology to provide a super-fast and highly customisable web-app builder for you, and to ensure the greatest mobile experience for your customers.

R is for Retail: With an increase in footfall and window shoppers, grab their attention with QR codes in your window, promotional material & displays. Tempt them further by adding a YouTube video to showcase your products.

I is for the iPhone and all other smartphones – zapplab provides businesses with the tools to create a full screen, cross platform, high impact & unique web presence.

S is for Special offers and coupons.  Provide discounts via your business zapp: coupons/barcodes/vouchers.  Your customers will share this with family and friends  promoting your business and increasing your sales.

T is for Try it for free. Sign-up today, to create and edit your own zapps for FREE.

M is for Mobile Marketing; zapplab is online marketing, social marketing and mobile marketing at its best. zapps allow you to add social networking sites at a touch of a button and your share button means customers can spread the word for you – go viral this Christmas!

A is for Advertising; communicate your Christmas message; limited offers, latest products and services, best sellers, Top 10s, special editions, the perfect gift for that special someone, Christmas & New Year parties & events…..you decide….

Z is for zapplab.net  – make all these Christmas dreams come true for just €9.99 per month with no contract.

From all the team here at zapplab.net we would like to wish all our customers a very zappy Christmaz!!  

The Future of Advertising is Mobile – so says Google!


Mobile-phone-advertising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2010 Google labelled the future of advertising at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s MIXX Conference in New York as

“Display 2015: Smart and Sexy”

Google’s message? with a huge jump in smart-phone sales, mobile is going to be the number one screen through which users engage with advertisers’ digital brands.

“Today, the “click” is the most important way that advertisers measure their display ad campaigns, but it’s not always the best measure—especially if an ad campaign is designed to boost things like brand awareness or recall,” said Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management at Google.

“Just like most news articles on the web today can be commented on, shared, discussed, subscribed to and recommended, in 2015, 75pc of ads on the web will be “social” in nature—across dozens of formats, sites and social communities.

“Rich media formats work. They enable great creativity and interaction between users and advertisers, but today they only represent about 6pc of total display ad impressions. That will increase to 50pc, for brand-building ad campaigns.

“All the investments that are making display advertising smarter and sexier will help publishers increase their revenues. Display advertising is going to grow to a $50 billion industry in five years.”


Let zapplab.net make your campaign smarter and sexier today!!