Intelligence, Grace & Progress – The Year of the Snake!


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year!

February 10th marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year; moving from the Year of the Dragon with it’s promise of change, success, kindness and good luck to the year of the snake  bringing wisdom, intelligence and steady growth where focus and concentration are applied. Beware on the financial front!

Feng Shui Outlook presents us with a Ying Yang view of the arriving snake wisdom: ‘The Year of the Snake is coming and it promises some big challenges. But it is also bringing some of the best opportunities we’ve seen in a long, long time’ 

According to the Chinese astrology is based on the balance of the five elements of each animal.The snake contains mainly fire. It also contains some metal and earth. 2013 is a water year and the colour of water within the five elements system is black therefore it is the year of the Black Water Snake. As water and fire are opposite elements, some suggest that most people will experience a mix of good and bad fortune in 2013.

The Snake is the most intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the animal signs. People born in the Year of the Snake are attractive people who do not become flustered easily. They are graceful, exciting and dark at the same time.

How does the Snake fair in a business environment?

Contemplative and private, the Snake is not outwardly emotional. Cunning and reticent, the snake works very modestly in the business environment plotting and scheming to make certain things turn out exactly as they want them to.

Find out which animal represents the year you were born

What does this mean for you in 2013? Here’s your answer from!

ziggiapps and subsequently came into being in 2009, the year of the Ox, so we are predicting a year of focus and hard work to get us where we want to go! With Mobile Marketing growing at an exponential ratecheck out the facts here –  we know where our focus lies!

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zappy New Year


Photographers – Attract More Customers with Portfolio Apps

600 X 300

The team here at,, has come up with a brand new marketing platform for photographers, the ideal way to go mobile and communicate with your target market. Showcase your images and services, and enhance your existing online presence!

Why go mobile?

The founders of zapplab have been studying the mobile market for years; current figures on mobile trends speak for themselves:

81% of mobile device owners use their phones for product/services research.

95% of smartphone users look up local information  – 61% of whom follow through with a call.

9/10 mobile searches lead to action.

(For more on mobile trends click here.)

These figures indicate that mobile users browsing on their mobile devices are looking for specific information on the go and respond to smooth optimised mobile experiences. They want key information answering basic questions on a given product/service/event. In response to this, zapplab offers a 4 page zapp which shares this essential information: Who? What? When? & Where?

Where do photographers and weddings come into this marketing equation? 

zapplab provides photographers with a smart and simple mobile marketing solution; an optimised mobile experience. Digitise your business card, mobile optimise your portfolio and put your business details directly on the phone and in the hands of prospective clients. With click-to-call functionality you can be contacted at the click of a button.

Consider for a moment your website and Facebook page as your online brochure – and consider this opportunity to go mobile as your online flyer. It is mobile, social and peer-to-peer marketing/branding at its best! Your logo, contact details and images distributed quickly and easily across social media, text and websites.

On publication of a zapp, a unique QR code is generated which you can include on business cards and existing promotional material. zapplab’s powerful tool allows you to expand your reach while giving you complete control over your chosen mobile marketing strategy.

zapplab can also enhance your branding at conferences, events, festivals and be useful for small/medium size companies – another service which can make you stand out from the competition and bring in extra revenue for your business.

Check out a sample portfolio zapp recently produced by Ebony & Pearl Photography marketing their wedding photography services.

zapp happy!

‘Mobilise’ your Car Sales with zapplab!


This is a busy month for car sales and the competition is tough, especially in today’s market. Getting your customers attention has never been more important.

It is estimated, for every car sold their will be €1000 spent on advertising. It’s quite a big chunk of the overall margin but this is the reality of attracting customers in the car industry.

Bin that Brochure?

Over the past month I have visited a few dozen showrooms around the country. All the usual polished brochures were on show but none offered a mobile option. With over 60% of people now using their phone as the primary device in gathering information, isn’t it time every business went mobile?

Brochures are great and essential to entice clients, but they are usually rolled and binned shortly after leaving the showroom. They are expensive to print and deliver and lack the interactivity needed in modern advertising.

No, Digitise It!

With just a simple QR code (Quick Response Code) you can digitise all your promotional material – including your brochures. Customers can simply scan and enjoy all your high impact brochure content on their mobile device and even watch a video advertisement.  With the addition of a small sticker on every brochure, car windscreen and showroom window, you can offer 24 hour access to your brochure information via your own purpose built mobile web-app!

Getting your point across quickly and stylishly is the key to selling high-end goods such as cars.  Imagine how impressed your customers will be when they can download an app for your dealership on the specific car they want!

The great thing about mobile marketing is the distribution costs.  Simply send out the app via social media, email or SMS and you are directly on potential customers phones.

How much does it cost? 

You can create web-apps for just €9.99 per month using

It’s very simple and you can switch it on and off as often as you like and pay only for the months you require.

There has never been a simpler and easier marketing solution for car dealerships – go mobile and reach your customers this January.

zappity New Year from all the team here at zapplab!

Wishing you a very zappy Christmas!


We all know the Stats  –

  • By 2013more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online (Gartner)
  •  The number of mobile devices is set to more than double in the next few years and by 2016one billion people will own smartphones!!
  • Businesses need to think big about how to use mobile products to engage with customers.(Forrester).

The numbers speak for themselves and the Christmas market boosts these figures!

Will 2013 be the year your business goes mobile? It doesn’t have to be so complicated or pricey!

Remember, mobile users are looking for specific information – they do not intend on browsing your site for hours. Respond quickly with a  “zapp”  – a mobile marketing app that you have complete autonomy over, both in design and content!

Express yourself and your web presence with this slick web-app building tool!

Not convinced? Try it out for FREE now on – activate and publish your zapp for just 9.99 per month!! This price is incredible compared to thousands in development costs for website optimisation or native apps.

Grab those Christmas shoppers’ attention by following our simple festive guide to Mobile Marketing:

C is for those browsing Christmas Customers – your dream customers. At no other time of the year is your target market quite so alert and on the hunt for a good bargain, help them cross a few things off that list!

H is for HTML5.  zapplab uses the latest in HTML5 and other leading cloud technology to provide a super-fast and highly customisable web-app builder for you, and to ensure the greatest mobile experience for your customers.

R is for Retail: With an increase in footfall and window shoppers, grab their attention with QR codes in your window, promotional material & displays. Tempt them further by adding a YouTube video to showcase your products.

I is for the iPhone and all other smartphones – zapplab provides businesses with the tools to create a full screen, cross platform, high impact & unique web presence.

S is for Special offers and coupons.  Provide discounts via your business zapp: coupons/barcodes/vouchers.  Your customers will share this with family and friends  promoting your business and increasing your sales.

T is for Try it for free. Sign-up today, to create and edit your own zapps for FREE.

M is for Mobile Marketing; zapplab is online marketing, social marketing and mobile marketing at its best. zapps allow you to add social networking sites at a touch of a button and your share button means customers can spread the word for you – go viral this Christmas!

A is for Advertising; communicate your Christmas message; limited offers, latest products and services, best sellers, Top 10s, special editions, the perfect gift for that special someone, Christmas & New Year parties & events… decide….

Z is for  – make all these Christmas dreams come true for just €9.99 per month with no contract.

From all the team here at we would like to wish all our customers a very zappy Christmaz!!  

zapplab in action – Car Sales

Tony sees an advert in the paper with a special finance offer on a car he likes.

He scans the QR code provided and he receives further information on the specific model via a zapp  – including  images.

Tony can also view a video advert or a video specifically made by the local dealer about the car and finance offer.
Tony follows the map to the showroom for a test drive.

Excited about his new car prospect, Tony posts the zapp on Facebook to ask his friends for their opinion and advice….

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