The misuse of QR Codes

What does QR stand for? Quick Response.

Why then it is evident that this concept has yet to be grasped by a lot of the people employing QR Codes in their marketing campaigns?

QR codes should provide customer convenience bringing them from ink to link; directing them to the information they are looking for.

The majority of QR codes, from a newspaper advertisement for example, lead not to a specific piece of information but to generic information. This does not save time; it is not convenient for the customer and does not define a quick response.

The customer has taken the time and effort to scan your code to find out more about the product/promotion they see before them – why would you lead them to a generic homepage?

Even for the small percentage of companies that do have mobile optimised websites this is the equivalent of a customer entering a store and asking the manager; “do you sell shoes?”, the manager responds; “yes somewhere in the store you will find shoes for sale so please don’t hesitate to have a good search”.

Customers are not lead directly to their desired destination. How can this process be labelled as a  ‘Quick Response’?

QR codes need to be specific and need to be helpful to the customer. Playing hide and seek behind them or leading them to a generic homepage will frustrate the mobile user and a frustrated customer is a lost customer.

How quick is a quick response?

Businesses have 20-40 seconds to catch the attention of their mobile customers; therefore leading them to wider generic information is most certainly counterproductive.

So, what is the quick response customers require?  

A Quick Response code should act as a bridge to specific, instant, relevant information for your customers.

Imagine providing them with this quick response information for just 9.99 a month? zapplab has it covered. Your company needs a zapp; an instant web app.

This form of marketing is a call-to-action; the customer is looking for action not an expedition.

If you want your customer to search, have an egg hunt with a bumper prize at the end not a QR code.  After-all, you have spent hundreds and thousands on designing a beautiful advert only to stick an odd looking black and white square in the corner, to lead your customers around in circles?

Remember, QR codes can sell your products but only if you’re quick enough to respond.

zappity quick!


Cost Effective Mobile Marketing for your business

I would be very surprised if the term ‘mobile marketing’ has not featured in your sales meetings lately….the stats speak for themselves:
  • There are 7 billion people on Earth. 5.1 billion own a cell phone. (Mobile Marketing Association Asia, 2011)
  • 49% of the Irish population own a smartphone –  up 14% on March 2011 and this figure is expected to rise to 71% by the end of 2012. (
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 70% of online searches result in action in one month. (Mobile Marketer, 2012)
So what is the best, fastest and most cost-effective way to get your business on the mobile sphere? has the answer – reach your existing clientèle on the move, provide them with your essential information and with an avenue to share that information to gain new clients.
Save Money:
zapplab’s approach means that every business can afford to easily engage their customers. Why spend thousands on re-developing your website or designing native apps? offers a professional mobile web-app tool at an affordable price allowing users to create professional web-apps in a fraction of the time compared to other leading mobile design tools. Users will enjoy the same experience as a native app – they just scan the QR Code and save to their homescreen!
Save Time:
You only have 20 seconds to grab your customers attention on mobile devices.  What will you say? What information do you need to get to your target market? What questions are your customers asking about you?’s 4 page template focuses on essential information – Who, What, When, Where – expose your brand, advertise your latest offers, provide your contact details, lead clients directly to your door AND for further expansion your clients can share your information with their friends with one click – phone to phone, phone to email, phone to social media…..
Design your zapp once and deliver cross platform web-apps with ease offering your clients a high impact app experience with the convenience of web based editing tools to update your web-apps in seconds without code.
Explore these ‘zapplab in action’ scenarios to see just how zapplab can expand your business reach:

What is a zapp? Why zapp?

Scan QR for example.

zapps are built in zapplab and are 4 page, cross platform web-apps – a smart, simple marketing solution for all businesses.

zapps” are bite sized nuggets of information which offer your customers all the information they need answering the four essential elements of communication:

Who?  – Front Page  – Logo/Branding

What?  –  Essential info – product/service description….images/videos

When?  – Essential info – latest news, offers/promotions on now, upcoming events…images/videos

Where? – Contact details, GPS Location, links to more information; FB, twitter, linked-in, blogs.

No more complicated navigation systems, just a simple swipe and scroll display which customers use intuitively.

zapps provide a  high impact app experience for the user and the ease of a web-app to the business owner/designer for simple updates.

Why zapp??

  • Over 30% of people are now browsing on their mobile devices, it is essential for all businesses to get their presence on mobiles.
  • 98% of websites are not mobile compatible. (Ireland)
  • With only 30-40 seconds to grab your customer’s attention on mobile phones your business needs to get its message across fast.
  • A zapp is a marketing app for selling specific products and services.
  • Distribution is simple: QR Code – on your website, social media, SMS, print media – digitise your poster in seconds.
  • zapplab accelerates the process of mobile web development.
  • Design once and deliver cross platform web-apps with ease offering your clients an app-like experience.
  • Now, thanks to HTML5, the line has blurred and Web-Apps are now so similar to apps, most customers won’t realise the difference.
  • Enjoy the convenience of web based editing tools to update your web-apps in seconds and as often as you like.
  • Enjoy all your favourite pro tools for web-design, with a user-friendly interface.
  • Enjoy the ease of being able to publish and preview zapps on your device
  • Unlike other online mobile tools we offer a solution that fits all business needs.
  • Create an App-like experience with the convenience of the web……….

Designers!! Let us know what you think!

zapplab is the most effective mobile marketing tool on the market because it takes the essential information and delivers it to the customer in a stylish and convenient 4 page package.

The power of 4 – Mobile Marketing


No-matter how smart technology becomes, marketing remains the same.

You have got to get your message across fast and impact your customers….we believe the essential information consists of  the 4 main elements of communication: Who? What? When? Where? utilises the power of these 4 elements.

zapplab’s 4 steps to mobile marketing

1. Make sure the experience is mobile optimised!

This may seem a little obvious but a lot of QR codes lead directly to normal websites. This results in a far from smooth experience for the user. The “pinching” and trying to hit tiny buttons on a mobile device  makes the experience frustrating and you will loose your customers in seconds.

Remember –  you don’t scan QR codes with a PC!  

2. Make it relevant.

You have only between 20-40 seconds to grab your customers attention. If they have made the effort to follow your link  – provide the information they are looking for – browsers want the relevant information NOW.

3. Entice them further

Now that you have their attention, make an impact – offer them a visual treat as well as complimentary product or service.  Create leads to further sales.

4. Include contact information and share buttons.

People on mobile devices are on the move  – with your contact details at the touch of a button –  a map from their current location or a telephone number – they are more likely to find you!  People like sharing – a simple share button is essential.

If you remember these 4 points your mobile marketing campaigns will be more successful. can implement these within minutes….