‘Mobilise’ your Car Sales with zapplab!


This is a busy month for car sales and the competition is tough, especially in today’s market. Getting your customers attention has never been more important.

It is estimated, for every car sold their will be €1000 spent on advertising. It’s quite a big chunk of the overall margin but this is the reality of attracting customers in the car industry.

Bin that Brochure?

Over the past month I have visited a few dozen showrooms around the country. All the usual polished brochures were on show but none offered a mobile option. With over 60% of people now using their phone as the primary device in gathering information, isn’t it time every business went mobile?

Brochures are great and essential to entice clients, but they are usually rolled and binned shortly after leaving the showroom. They are expensive to print and deliver and lack the interactivity needed in modern advertising.

No, Digitise It!

With just a simple QR code (Quick Response Code) you can digitise all your promotional material – including your brochures. Customers can simply scan and enjoy all your high impact brochure content on their mobile device and even watch a video advertisement.  With the addition of a small sticker on every brochure, car windscreen and showroom window, you can offer 24 hour access to your brochure information via your own purpose built mobile web-app!

Getting your point across quickly and stylishly is the key to selling high-end goods such as cars.  Imagine how impressed your customers will be when they can download an app for your dealership on the specific car they want!

The great thing about mobile marketing is the distribution costs.  Simply send out the app via social media, email or SMS and you are directly on potential customers phones.

How much does it cost? 

You can create web-apps for just €9.99 per month using zapplab.net

It’s very simple and you can switch it on and off as often as you like and pay only for the months you require.

There has never been a simpler and easier marketing solution for car dealerships – go mobile and reach your customers this January.

zappity New Year from all the team here at zapplab!


The misuse of QR Codes

What does QR stand for? Quick Response.

Why then it is evident that this concept has yet to be grasped by a lot of the people employing QR Codes in their marketing campaigns?

QR codes should provide customer convenience bringing them from ink to link; directing them to the information they are looking for.

The majority of QR codes, from a newspaper advertisement for example, lead not to a specific piece of information but to generic information. This does not save time; it is not convenient for the customer and does not define a quick response.

The customer has taken the time and effort to scan your code to find out more about the product/promotion they see before them – why would you lead them to a generic homepage?

Even for the small percentage of companies that do have mobile optimised websites this is the equivalent of a customer entering a store and asking the manager; “do you sell shoes?”, the manager responds; “yes somewhere in the store you will find shoes for sale so please don’t hesitate to have a good search”.

Customers are not lead directly to their desired destination. How can this process be labelled as a  ‘Quick Response’?

QR codes need to be specific and need to be helpful to the customer. Playing hide and seek behind them or leading them to a generic homepage will frustrate the mobile user and a frustrated customer is a lost customer.

How quick is a quick response?

Businesses have 20-40 seconds to catch the attention of their mobile customers; therefore leading them to wider generic information is most certainly counterproductive.

So, what is the quick response customers require?  

A Quick Response code should act as a bridge to specific, instant, relevant information for your customers.

Imagine providing them with this quick response information for just 9.99 a month? zapplab has it covered. Your company needs a zapp; an instant web app.

This form of marketing is a call-to-action; the customer is looking for action not an expedition.

If you want your customer to search, have an egg hunt with a bumper prize at the end not a QR code.  After-all, you have spent hundreds and thousands on designing a beautiful advert only to stick an odd looking black and white square in the corner, to lead your customers around in circles?

Remember, QR codes can sell your products but only if you’re quick enough to respond.

zappity quick!

QR Codes on Gravestones


It is evident that in life we are all communicating in a new way – our interaction is evolving; opinion, experience, knowledge, wisdom – it follows suit really that this should migrate beyond life…

How we grieve and honour our loved ones  is also changing. QR Codes on gravestones – a novel and intriguing concept, a medium for expressing love and loss and gratitude by honouring the memory and life experience of those that have passed on.

Stephen Nimmo, funeral director of Chester Pearce in Dorset seems to have not only industry and technology in mind but also the grieving process and the experience of family members and friends of the deceased.

This article in Tech World outlines how the QR Code leads to a ‘website dedicated to the deceased with photos and tributes from friends’.

Stephen Nimmo states “It’s a simple way of putting more into a memorial than just a few words on a headstone. Cemeteries are very sacred places – the codes are very small and don’t impose on the headstones too much”

Chester Pierce funeral and bereavement services is based in Dorset in the U.K. and the concept seems to have originated from the U.S.

Apparently some funeral directors in Ireland have also embraced the idea.

Why not allow technology to help us in the harder moments in life and embrace it in such a way that highlights the beautiful part of a person’s existence. It makes sense.

Does technology have a role to play in the grieving process?

What are your thoughts?

zapplab in action – Retail

Jane goes to the grocery store after work to buy dinner. She’s not sure what she feels like ….she then sees a special display of sauces with QR codes on the  bottles.

With a quick scan Jane receives a recipe and video demonstration of Thai Green Curry.
On page 3 of the zapp Jane sees she now has a suggested shopping list for Thai Green Curry including a list of  complimentary wines, starters and desserts.
Jane goes home after her stress-free shopping, makes delicious Thai Green Curry and shares the zapp with all her friends on facebook!

Have a sale on for one day only? Tell your customers:

More ‘zapplab in action’ scenarios

QR Codes, future of marketing

Have you noticed strange squares appearing in advertisements recently?  QR codes have been used in Japan for the past ten years and now it seems the European market is ready for them.  In recent months we have seen a rise in the use of QR codes in advertisements, leaflets and posters.

What are they exactly?

QR codes can be scanned by smart-phones, using a free downloadable app and the camera on the phone.  Simply point, click and voila, your customer has whatever information you want to send them.

This can be a simple few lines of text, a telephone number but more often than not it is used as a link to a website or app.  This is the simplest and best way to direct people to your website or app and is so simple to set up and free.

We would highly recommend them and encourage people to include them in all promotional material, signs, stickers, beer mats,  napkins, menus, business cards and even T-shirts or mugs.

Go on – Scan ME!

QR codes are also very eye-catching and have a “call to action” quality above most other methods of website promotion.  There are lots of places you can create them but we recommend http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

QR codes work great with zapps.  Check out http://www.zapplab.net today or email info@ziggiapps.com and a member of ziggiapps will be happy to discuss how QR Codes can benefit your business!

 Have a scan of our QR code attached for a sample of our 4 page zapp.