QR Codes on Gravestones


It is evident that in life we are all communicating in a new way – our interaction is evolving; opinion, experience, knowledge, wisdom – it follows suit really that this should migrate beyond life…

How we grieve and honour our loved ones  is also changing. QR Codes on gravestones – a novel and intriguing concept, a medium for expressing love and loss and gratitude by honouring the memory and life experience of those that have passed on.

Stephen Nimmo, funeral director of Chester Pearce in Dorset seems to have not only industry and technology in mind but also the grieving process and the experience of family members and friends of the deceased.

This article in Tech World outlines how the QR Code leads to a ‘website dedicated to the deceased with photos and tributes from friends’.

Stephen Nimmo states “It’s a simple way of putting more into a memorial than just a few words on a headstone. Cemeteries are very sacred places – the codes are very small and don’t impose on the headstones too much”

Chester Pierce funeral and bereavement services is based in Dorset in the U.K. and the concept seems to have originated from the U.S.

Apparently some funeral directors in Ireland have also embraced the idea.

Why not allow technology to help us in the harder moments in life and embrace it in such a way that highlights the beautiful part of a person’s existence. It makes sense.

Does technology have a role to play in the grieving process?

What are your thoughts?


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