The power of 4 – Mobile Marketing


No-matter how smart technology becomes, marketing remains the same.

You have got to get your message across fast and impact your customers….we believe the essential information consists of  the 4 main elements of communication: Who? What? When? Where? utilises the power of these 4 elements.

zapplab’s 4 steps to mobile marketing

1. Make sure the experience is mobile optimised!

This may seem a little obvious but a lot of QR codes lead directly to normal websites. This results in a far from smooth experience for the user. The “pinching” and trying to hit tiny buttons on a mobile device  makes the experience frustrating and you will loose your customers in seconds.

Remember –  you don’t scan QR codes with a PC!  

2. Make it relevant.

You have only between 20-40 seconds to grab your customers attention. If they have made the effort to follow your link  – provide the information they are looking for – browsers want the relevant information NOW.

3. Entice them further

Now that you have their attention, make an impact – offer them a visual treat as well as complimentary product or service.  Create leads to further sales.

4. Include contact information and share buttons.

People on mobile devices are on the move  – with your contact details at the touch of a button –  a map from their current location or a telephone number – they are more likely to find you!  People like sharing – a simple share button is essential.

If you remember these 4 points your mobile marketing campaigns will be more successful. can implement these within minutes….


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